Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a little promotion...

KUCI is having a little dance/house party this Saturday, April 4. It starts at 6 and ends at 11.

All we want is to get your stylish bootay here, throw in a few bones to help KUCI on air, and then dance to your heart's content. It's going to be rad. Super serious.

And if you see me, don't be too afraid to say 'hi'!

I made a flyer for the shin-dig. Like I said, I totes see myself in a future of diy flyers. Punk rawk.

click on flyer to expand

Thursday, March 12, 2009

hi how are you?

oh you know, pretty busy. i've had papers due every week since week 3. no bigs. oh yeah? you're telling me i haven't updated in awhile? well, i guess that's true.

so i'm going to cheat a little because this is my blog and i'll blog what i want to.

here is my super thrown together outfit from yesterday:

floral puff sleeved jacket (h&m)
daniel johnston t-shirt
high-waisted wool skirt (lux)
floral tights (uo)
black mary janes