Tuesday, May 27, 2008

parenthetical girls, au, pwrfl pwr @uci part 2

Yesterday was an ah-maaazing show. I <3 Parenthetical Girls forever.

Kaz of PWRFL PWR was also supes ador. E-surance commersh be damned. You are still awesome forever. Au was also super fantastic. Although they didn't play anything from Verbs (I don't think), it was an epic jam sesh. Usually I haaaaate jambands, but this was clearly an exception.

Also, thanks for keeping it stylish in our Irvine "mall," comrades. As always, click on a picture to enlarge.

Kaz of PWRFL PWR + Merch table

Practicing nonchalance.

Dude, sparkly sweaters are all the rage.

Kaz complimented Jon on his outfit. Cardigans are always gold.

Rachael Jensen of Parenthetical Girls understands the fabulousness that is high-waisted skirts.

for more pictures from the show, click here.


pual said...

we made it!!


Micah said...

I tried to dress cool and wear 5 layers at a concert once but I almost passed out from heat exhaustion :(

How do you all do it???
Myka from TwoBitNews.com