Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's tights weather again!

And boy am I glad!

This lovely gal paired her purple tights with a purple belt. I'm all about coordination, too, people.

As always, click to enlarge.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

i promise

a new post soon.

with all the hot weather, there are too many people wearing flip flops.

we know that is a no-no here on irvine style. it just ruins outfits!

Friday, September 12, 2008

'90s Boyhood Revisited

David Lee, Irvine. Photo by Kevin Lin.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear & Thom Browne Spring 2009 Menswear

Marc Jacobs' collection was koo-koo-krazy!

Marc by Marc Jacobs was so much better. It wasn't anything ground-breaking and OMGZ, but i still want everything. It was more a muted palette with lots of lust-worthy dresses, frocks, and shoez. And mmm, more male models, plz.

photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

I want everything. That multi-tiered necklace with it's crazy colors just totes pop on the pastel outfit. And yes yes yes to the blazer and high waisted shorts (WITH A STRIPE!).

photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

I'm a fan of the cuffed pants on boys. I saw a lot of that in England, so I hope I'll get to see some variation in L.A./Irvine.

photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

Nicely-fitted blazers = aces. See guys, this is how you wear shorts. No more baggy over the knee shorts, please!

photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

Nothing welcomes spring like a floral flouncy dress...

photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

...or a bold printed dress...

photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

...or a lacey dress. ok, ok i'll stop.

I want all of these shoes:

photos by Greg Kessler, courtesy of

Seriously though Marc...why did you have to repeat this?
photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

Speaking of more koo-koo-krazy, can we talk about Thom Browne's collection, plz?

What's up emasculating menswear?

All photos by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I love all their faces--that is exactly what my face would be too if I had to wear a tutu or pants that are falling off...or if you made me look like a Socialist school boy..or...I can go on and on. Click on each picture for more detailed glory.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection

ok, so this is not really irvine fashion (and by "not really" i mean, totes not) but let's discuss some of the ready-to-wear spring 2009 fashion, yeah?

Marc Jacobs
I don't know how I feel about a whole hodge-podge of things on a person:

photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

Plaid! Corset belt! Floral dress! Hat! Sunglasses! Two types of handbags? Chunky necklace with chunky bracelet. Oh man. I mean, taken one at a time, I can digest it more.

Although by the end of the collection, when we saw more dresses, I was more into it:
photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

Less accessories and that bold print on the dress is di-vine.

And I love this chic outfit. Yes always to blazers. And finally, Marc showed some cropped pants that actually showed knees. I was beginning to get scared that he was knee-phobic in this collection.
photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

Also, I'm way into that purse. Yes quilted exteriors.

Speaking of the accessories:
I'm way into the hats, although there is no reason for me to ever wear one.
Photo by Greg Kessler, courtesy of

But the shoes. NO. NO. NO. When will shoes stop with its ridiculousness?!
Photo by Greg Kessler, courtesy of

I need to make myself one of these bracelets. I never wear bracelets, but c'mon, this is totes ador. I am super super coveting thee.
Photo by Greg Kessler, courtesy of

This isn't accessories, but I do love the folding and pinching of the fabric on this:
Photo by Greg Kessler, courtesy of
And last but not least:
photo by Marcio Madeira, courtesy of

Why the skirt and man-dals, Marc-y?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Katie T's Guide to Almost-Irvine Shopping: Part I

In case you didn't know, I (Katie) don't actually live in Irvine, but its neighboring city, Tustin. Back when "The Marketplace" was just the Tustin Marketplace, and before the Irvine Spectrum was around, Tustin was the hip place to go for shopping. But now Irvine's got all the hype, and Tustin is--what?--that town where Locke is from on Lost. Irvine even gets the stadium-style movie theater with the cool openings like The Dark Knight and WALL-E, while the Tustin theater gets...Space Chimps.

So take this as a caveat: don't believe the hype (about Irvine, not Batman--that was good). It's the quieter cities that have the most secrets. When you see someone well-dressed in Irvine, that doesn't necessarily mean they got their clothes there! Sure, Urban Outfitters and Forver 21 have their pluses, but variety is the spice of your wardrobe! So, without further ado, I bring you Katie T's Guide to Almost-Irvine Shopping: Part I.

As you have read, this post is inspired by the city of Tustin. The particular reason I am feeling the love for this city today is that this morning I spotted a sign in Tustin for an Estate Sale. Estate Sale and Garage sale signs are common sights on La Colina, especially on weekend mornings. So I followed the signs, which led to a house that is worthy of lengthy description but hey, you guys are here for the clothes. So here's what I got (click for larger):

Button-up Floral Patterned top by Unknown, $6
Suede Belt by Unknown ("Firenze"...Italy?), $5

High-Waisted Pleated Shorts by Ralph Lauren, $5

Chiffon Top by Unknown (This lady liked to cut off her tags!), $12

Silk Scarf by Oscar de la Renta, $3

Silk Scarf by California Things, $3

Moccasin Loafers by Mootsies Tootsies, $5

What a haul!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin

Something about him just embodies an effortless cool. From the way EVERYTHING goes together (The way he implements layering is superb. His v-neck cardigan looks so good with his Members Only-esque jacket and fitted button-up shirt). And the way he wears his Converse shoes is fun yet stylish as well.

So here you go, my favorite picture.
As always, click on the picture to enlarge.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Berlin (part 2)

I'm going to give you three pictures from Berlin and save the last one (which is my favorite of all time. Although I'm probably hyping it too much, but oh man, it's good) for next time.

Say yes to high waisted shorts and brightly colored tights! Also, love the bandanna in the hair.

Let me preface this picture by saying that when I took it, they were not hugging. So now it's hard to see what their outfits look like. But just click on it and drink in the details.
Striped cardigans forever! Also, selling tape-ware in a flea market is sort of awesome forever?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Berlin (part 1)

I took a few pictures of stylish people in Berlin last weekend...but because I want to keep you guys coming back, I'm going to separate them into two posts. Sorry ya'll.

This post consists of shots from my first two days in Berlin. As always, click on a picture to enlarge.

One reason for my love on people on bikes is how they dress themselves to be both stylish yet comfortable. His outfit is quite simple and he uses very neutral colors. But the ease to which he rolls up sleeves pant legs tells you he means serious (biking) business. Also, I love the boat shoes...Although I do hope he's wearing socks.
I know I'm cheating by taking pictures of people outside of Berlin's Fashion Week, but whatevs. It's my style blog, and I will blog what I want to. All three of them are wearing completely different styles. The lady in the middle adds a splash of color to her outfit with a scarf. I love the hair on the guy to the left. Adding a sports coat adds some fancyness to the jeans. And of course, who can ever turn down a good looking suit? The man on the right downplays the seriousness attached to a suit with a casual pair of trainers.

It was rainy that day, but this lady still manages to keep it chic with a fitted leather jacket and adorable dress. Her heels totally complement her outfit.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Sorry for my lack of updates. Here are two pictures from Amsterdam, when I went last weekend. I feared for my life the whole time I was there...not because of the REEFER MADNESS or the legal prostitution...but the bikes. The city is full of 'em and even if they don't have the right of way, they force it.

Next time, a slew of pictures from Berlin: close to Alexanderplatz and the hipster-friendly neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg.

As always, click on a picture to enlarge.

Also, here's a mixtape just for you...because I love you.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The bad and the good in London: Youth edition

Although London and Brighton houses a plethora of stylish men and women, there are also some super questionable outfits. White boys and girls in multi-color dreads, moon boots, explosion of neon...the list goes on. Here are two pictures I took in London (around the Eye and Buckingham Palace) that represent the good (bombass leather jacket) and the wtf ('ll see).

As always, click on the picture to enlarge.


Friday, July 4, 2008

A Journey into Halter Tops and Printed Tees

This post is not meant to be a stain on Irvine Style. Readers should know that Orange County is not actually full of people wearing cute sweaters and high-waisted skirts, as this blog leads us to believe. To the southwest of Irvine, about 15 minutes away, is the city of Costa Mesa and what can be called Costa Mesa Style. If we understand Irvine Style to be what we've generally seen on this blog, then Costa Mesa Style is kind of like Irvine Style's more popular and more sexually-experienced older sibling. Shall we proceed? Yes!

I recently attended a launch party for Vestal's new collection of watches and their other "music-inspired" products. This happened at their headquarters. In Costa Mesa. A fun crowd of people showed up (read: people who would show up for unlimited free alcohol and a ~party~ and "hot" members of the opposite sex) and established a dominant look for the night. Let's take a gander at some party pix.

What can we spot in this scene, part 1

What can we spot in this scene, part 2

I'm not sure if that v-neck is from AA

What can we spot in this scene, part 3

The three guys on the right who look slightly out of place are members of the band Dark Meat. Yes, that is a mask on his head. And yes, that woman's top is just the right amount of see-through.

Do you understand my older sibling example now? This has been an exercise in appreciating differences in style. I'll probably do a sweater (best article of clothing what?) post next time.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What We've Got On

Hello! This is my first post. I haven't been able to grab anyone to pose for me yet, so if it's alright I think I'll post an autobiographical bit. The upside to this is I can tell you where the items we're wearing are from and how much they cost! Let's get to it:

While Vivian's in England, Angela and I headed up to San Francisco. The weather was a little not-so-Irvine, so here's a little June Gloom for you, readers.

On Angela:
Jacket: Second-hand (mom's)
Jeans: (unknown)
Bag: Second-hand (mom's)
Shoes: Goodwill Orange ($8)

On Me:
Top: Urban Outfitters Sale ($5)
Cardigan: Second-Hand (Paul)
Outer Cardigan: Goodwill Haight (~$3)
Shoes: Goodwill Orange ($2)
Bag: Au Revoir Simone tour ($5)

A tip from the weary travelers: LAYERS will save you.